Spark Minda Launches Helmets

Spark Minda has launched 17 helmet models with 145 variants in the Indian retail market. The launch marks the company's entry into the B2C space at a time when India is emerging as the largest and fastest growing helmet market globally.

The company also announced the launch of 1500 fiber parts (Plastic-molded, painted components for two-wheelers) to meet the growing demand of 2W riders across the country. This number is targeted to increase to 2400 in the next two years, representing the largest range of fiber parts available in the country.

During the next few years, Spark Minda plans to add 200+ distributors and open exclusive Spark Minda branded outlets across the country, making the distribution network more robust. The Protective Head Gear will be available across three customer segments- Economy (Knight series), Mid (Garrison series) and the Premium (Armored series) category.

Mr. Ashok Minda, Chairman and Group Chief Executive Officer, Minda Corporation Ltd. said:

“The last six decades have seen Spark Minda ushering industry leading solutions in the automotive industry. The amalgamation of the group's experience along with its impetus on extensive research has lodged it well ahead of its league when it comes to developing products for the future.

India is the fastest growing major economy in the world. Our foray into the consumer business category will not only make us a part of this iconic growth story of the country, but also reinforce our commitment to provide the highest standards of safety for 2W riders across the country."

Knight Series - It comes with a promise of safety, comfort, and quality. Its a range of stylised and light-weight open-face helmets push the boundaries of technology and innovation so that bikers can enjoy the sheer pleasure and freedom of riding in complete safety. Its open-chin style ensures ventilation and air-flow keeping you cool and comfortable. 

Garrison Series - Range of hi-tech Garrison helmets are designed using cutting-edge technologies that enhance riding comfort, optimize ventilation and improve aerodynamics. Driven by energy, Garrison Series is for those who build moments every day. Available with the comfort of goggle and long-visor features, these modern and stylish helmets are all the rage, amongst two-wheeler riders. 

Armoured Series-Designed to provide complete protection to the head and neck, Armoured series of full-face helmets are trend-setters. Innovation, sensation and design come together to ensure your safety in all your adventures, whatever your riding style. Quick release chin-straps, hypo-allergenic liners, and attractive designs and decal options are just right for every rider.

Fiber parts-Plastic-moulded, painted components for two-wheelers are launched in order to meet the growing demand of 2W fibers across the country. 

Currently, the aftermarket division at Spark Minda has a network of 500+ distributors and 12,000+ retailers across India with 12 product lines including Locks, Wiring Harness, Instruments, Auto Electrical components (Starter Motor), Flasher, Relays, CDI, Wiper, Cable, Filter, Lubricant, Brake shoe, Clutch plate, and Bearing.

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