'Ora: Daughters On Rent' Focuses On Actuality Of Sex Work

Filmmaker Olivia Das has made a documentary about the sex workers with whom there is no limit to the curiosity and taboos of our so-called 'civil' society. In addition to highlighting the lives and struggles of sex workers in the film, Olivia also highlights the views of the Minister for Women and Child Welfare, Dr Shashi Panja, President of BJP Mahila Morcha as well as celebrated fashion designer Agnimitra Paul, ace filmmaker Ashok Viswanathan, Late Dr Smarajit Jana and Bharati Dey of Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee, Tapati Bhowmik of Sanlaap India and many more. Judging by the subject matter, it is needless to say that the statements of the right people have been presented in the documentary.

Sex trade might be the world’s oldest profession, but we know very little about its practitioners and we remain distracted by the actualities.

Few documentaries about the sex trade manage to echo every contention the way this docu does. It's moreover a document of a battle over dignifying rather than stigmatizing the sex works and deals with some awkward truths of the flesh trade industry. How that rolled into a thing needed to rationalize is defining the documentary. This is on the lives of the sex workers of Kolkata, which also speaks of the way Durbar empower the sex workers in every way feasible.

Olivia attempted to dignifying the profession honestly. The way she manages to equalize the griefs and the possibilities are praiseworthy.
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