Only SVF Can Produce Any Show Based On Feluda Stories: Court

One of the largest production houses from Bengal, SVF has won a legal battle. They got into a legal feud with Eskay Video Private Limited, Ashok Dhanuka and Zee Entertainment over the rights of Satyajit Ray's Feluda stories. The dispute escalated to the Alipore Commercial Court. But as the acquisition of the rights is with SVF, the verdict went in their favour.

The situation was triggered when Eskay Video Private Limited announced that they are working on a Feluda series for Zee5. After learning about the incident, the SVF took legal action. They approached the Alipore Commercial Court and procures an injunction against producer Ashok Dhanuka, Eskay Video Private Limited and Zee Entertainment in a copyright infringement matter.

SVF informed with a press release that, the court had upheld the injunction they have imposed on the said respondents. According to the verdict, SVF has exclusive rights over the Feluda stories. Accordingly, the respondent parties are restrained from producing and exploiting any show based on Feluda Stories.

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