iMerit Hosts Its Inaugural Conference ML DataOps Summit 2021

iMerit, a leading AI data solutions company, hosted its flagship conference, the iMerit ML DataOps Summit, an event focused on the vital role human intelligence plays in developing machine learning data operations and AI data solutions. Hosted in partnership with TechCrunch, the iMerit ML DataOps Summit was a live virtual gathering of industry experts and leading professionals. This free, one-day virtual conference brought together innovators at the forefront of data operations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

More than 2500+ senior leaders were present at the event where the speakers were deploying data solutions that power machine learning and artificial intelligence. Attendees got a chance to understand the challenges and opportunities trending across the spectrum including autonomous mobility, healthcare AI and geospatial.

Some of the power presentations at the event were:
2022: The Year of ML DataOps – The Ground Truth of AI — iMerit Founder and CEO, Radha Basu shared why machine learning data operations play a critical role in bringing artificial intelligence to market at scale and unveiled why 2022 is shaping up to be the “Year of ML DataOps.”

How AI, ML and Motion Planning Testing are Advancing New Mobility — Leading MIT and CMU professors shared how AI and ML are creating new breakthroughs in autonomous transportation. Attendees learnt about the latest research and testing in motion planning behaviors that will enable autonomous mobility companies to deploy autonomous vehicles safely and efficiently at scale.

The Future of Healthcare AI Depends on Data — Artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare across clinical use-cases like radiology and robotic surgery, as well as many other operational applications. Access to high quality data is one of the key components driving technological innovation in healthcare. Healthcare AI experts shared why high-quality data is vital to the success of their AI initiatives today.

iMerit also unveiled iMerit DataStudio, the first end-to-end AI data solution combining people, processes, and technology to create high quality data efficiently and effectively at scale. The comprehensive suite of customer-facing and internal proprietary technologies offers an industry-first fully integrated end-to-end solution for customers leveraging expert-in-the-loop machine learning workflows. iMerit DataStudio, which is inclusive of GroundControl, EdgeCase, and PeoplePlatform, was developed in response to iMerit's customers' need for rapid scale-up with deep expertise in higher quality data.

Some of the expo partners included: Alectio, Alegion, Dataloop, Datasaur, Deepen AI, Lightly, Picterra, Superb AIand Taskmonk Technology.
Commenting on the event, Radha Basu, CEO and Founder of iMerit said, “I believe that 2022 is going to be ‘The Year of ML DataOps’. Organizations are realizing the importance of human-in-the-loop for automation processes to enhance the quality of data for advanced AI. We are proud to be able to bring together great minds in artificial intelligence and data science to share insights around machine learning data operations and unveiling why leveraging human intelligence is the critical path to advancing AI."
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