Ghazal Album ‘Nostalgia' By Susmita Datta Releases

Ghazals still have their audience. The lyrical marvel of this genre still has an appeal nonpareil. Famous people from varied domains speak of the ghazal as their pal of lonely times. Atul Prasad Sen, Kazi Nazrul Islam to Srijato of recent times couldn't avoid the charm of ghazal. In this era of remixes and remakes, ghazals have not returned with the voice of any new Bengali artist for a long time. Ghazals survived limited to legends like Hariharan, Pankaj Udhas, Mitali Singh, Bhupinder Singh and many more. Dr Susmita Datta breaks the glass wall and rendered Ghazal for her new album.

A professor of Biostatistics and a pre-eminent scholar at the University of Florida, USA, Susmita has just launched her modern Ghazal album titled, ‘Nostalgia’ with the first song, 'Aap Mere Khayalon Mein' on her official YouTube channel. A first of its kind, this album is a unique Indo-US collaboration where the song has been arranged and mixed in India and the video, audio recording and final processing of the video have been done by a dedicated crew in the US.

All the songs of the album will be launched as individual music videos from Datta's YouTube channel and would also be available on all leading audio streaming platforms. All the songs have been composed by Rajorshi Seal. However, the songs have been written by different poets.

"There are more projects in the pipeline. Will release them one after the other from my channel. Would request all to listen to more of original compositions and support independent artistes", said Dr Datta.

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