'83' Is Authentic, Incredible, Phenomenal

By Atanu Roy: The wait is over. One of the most anticipated films of the year, '83' has finally hit the silver screen reminiscing India's first World Cup victory. Director Kabir Khan made it happen. '83' is all about passion, about the fighting spirit, about the struggle behind the success and obviously about the injection of confidence in Indian Cricket. Such an instance of victory as an underdog is rare. Being a squad that no one counted on became impeccable with the touch of a magic wand named Kapil Dev. This was nothing less than a fairy tale. But not at all fictitious, bloody real.

The entire film was hidden behind the dramatic World Cup triumph 38 years ago. Kabir just finds out and mixes the small incidents and details behind the scenes which has brought the film much closer to reality. '83', a film that undoubtedly will touch your soul.

Television was not a familiar term in every household then. Kabir attempted to recreate the fairy tale in front of those who have not seen that and he nailed it. He succeeded to let that generation relive the moments that had only listened to those matches on the radio.

Even though everyone knows the end of the story, the drama will keep one engaged from the beginning to the end. Team Kapil Dev Nikhanj has established the battle of 22 yards at a distinct stature. Kabir introduced team 83 to the new generation in a truly incredible and extraordinary way. From the introduction to the climax, the amazing combination of real and reel life has made the film more authentic. Kabir has also left surprises for the audience in various scenes. Perfect teamwork made '83' a gripping, engaging and exciting film.

The director has given the necessary importance and needed time to each character. The balance Kabir maintained throughout never allowed '83' to rise from the ground of reality and become merely a film. The audience will cry, laugh and will be proud enough for sure. Kabir also endorsed communal harmony through the film. Scenes where ignoring faith and religion, people are sharing happiness and pain has to be lauded because these scenes replicate real India.

Last but not least, Ranveer Singh is unbelievably realistic as Kapil Dev. Pankaj Tripathi is outstanding in the role of PR Maan Singh. The story of one of the greatest episodes of Indian sports that happened in 1983 could not have been better captured in a film. The 162 minutes saga of a phenomenal bloodstained triumph, '83' is certainly a masterpiece and must-watch.

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