Yeh Mera India Supports Needy Children

Yeh Mera India (YMI) an NGO working for the most needy and challenged children is supporting the building of infrastructure for 250 destitute children in Amtala, Kolkata.

Following the devastation of Cyclone Amphan the primary school was totally destroyed and due to the lack of physical infrastructure, as well as school supplies such as desks and chairs, and teaching staff, the school cannot be reopened, hence making it even more difficult for the students to get back to their education. With Covid norms in place, these financially challenged students could not afford mobile devices and have not been able to take any classes for the past one and a half years.

As educational institutions are gearing up to re-open, YMI is doing its best to raise funds for this school so that these children can come back to their school once it reopens, study in their newly created classes and continue to have a safe and secure future in the days to come. 
“Alone we can achieve little but together we can achieve a lot. We hope that our combined effort allows our dream of rebuilding the school to come true. Our aim is to collect total funding of Rs 20 lacs of which we are able to manage almost Rs 8 lacs through spontaneous participation from our patrons. We are hopeful that the rest of the amount can also be arranged as of each growing day. We are experiencing new people to come forward and join this initiative. Many individuals have also come forward and lent their support. They are sure with sort of the overwhelming response we are showering with us would be able to rebuild the school soon so that the students can go back to their normal resume”, said Smita Agarwal, founder of Yeh Mera India.
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