Sonam Wangchuk Highlighted The Importance Of Innovation At Science City

Noted innovator and educator Sonam Wangchuk delivered a Lectureon “Innovation Amidst Adversity” in the main auditorium of Science City, Kolkata. He highlighted the importance of Innovation for the growth and development of a society and for a nation.

Sonam Wangchuk, is a mechanical engineer by education and an educational reformist as well as an environmental activist for the last 27years. Bringing skill-based and learning-oriented education in Ladakh, Wangchuk has transformed the educational sphere to help children find engaging ways to learn and soar towards better employability. He is known for his out-of-the-box inventions which are also eco-friendly.

Before the session, he planted a tree in the Science City campus and also unveiled the logo of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Science City, Kolkata. “We are entering into the silver jubilee year of Science City, Kolkata and have planned many programs and activities throughout the year. What couldbe a better beginning for the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Science City, Kolkata than a lecture and interaction with such a renowned innovation andeducator like Sonam Wangchuk” said Shri Anurag Kumar, Director, ScienceCity, Kolkata while welcoming the guests.

He further added “As a goodwill gesture, we are providing a free entry pass to everyone who is attending the program today. This entry pass to Science City will be valid from November 1-30, 2021. I hope this will strengthen our bond”.

A. D. Choudhury, DG, NCSM said, “National Council of Science Museums has been developing a culture of Science through its network of 25 Science Centres spread across India and is involved in inculcating a temperament for innovation and creativity through its network of 20 Innovation Hubs inits own units. Further, NCSM is developing a network of 60 Innovation Hubs throughout the country, of which 36 hubs are already functional indifferent science centres and institutions. Under the “Meet the Scientist”program, we invite scientists, innovators, educationists etc. and theprogram provides a platform to students, teachers and general public tointeract with the renowned scientists, innovator and educationist. Today, we have a distinguished innovator and teacher with us. I hope his session will be beneficial for all the students, teachers and distinguished personsfrom different walks of life”.

V. S. Ramachandran, Director, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM), Kolkata gave a Vote of Thanks and said “We were very excited to listen to the views of Sonam Wangchuk, the famous Engineer -Innovator and the winner of ‘Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for 2018’. I am surethe students of Kolkata would have been greatly enriched by his lecture. Ithank everyone present here, especially Mr. Wangchuk from the core of myheart for making this programme successful.”

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