Niyo In Association With SBM Bank India And VISA Offers A Digital Savings Account


Niyo, in association with SBM Bank India and VISA now offers a digital savings account with its highly trusted and travel-friendly product Niyo Global. Along with zero-forex mark-up, customers can now earn an attractive interest p.a. on the savings account. Niyo Global which has a legacy of serving over 3,00,000 customers in the last two years, with this latest development aims to simplify foreign exchange spending for international travelers and students besides allowing them to save and earn on their Indian currency.
There is also a plan for rapid expansion in market share by listing partnerships with major travel aggregation companies and OTA’s. Niyo Global is already the go to product for all students, and aims to achieve similar dominance in the leisure travel category too.
Indian passport holders can now enjoy all the features of Niyo Global card like zero forex markup on car rentals, flight and hotel bookings, live currency conversion, ATM locator on the app etc. Besides, the account also provides 100% digital onboarding, attractive interest p.a. on balances with monthly interest payouts, complimentary airport lounge access, UPI features, cheque book and all other premium banking offerings, including domestic and international offers. Niyo Global also comes with best-in-class security features, all of which make access to banking services completely hassle-free. Moreover, it is an international VISA Signature Debit Card which is accepted in 150+ countries.

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