Kumar Sanu Releases New Bengali Song Composed By Ashok Bhadra

The music video 'Ek Poloke Tomay Dekhe' for the project album 'Nachbo Ami Gaibe Tumi' has been officially released in Kolkata. Presented by Sristi Dance Troupe, the song is penned by Debaprasad Chakraborty, composed by Ashok Bhadra and sung by one and only Kumar Sanu. The music video has choreographed by Srila Chatterjee.

Speaking on the occasion, Kumar Sanu said, "I have more than three decades of association with Ashok Bhadra. I have never said no to anything with him. I have sung most Bengali film songs with his tune. This one is a great idea too. It's a new thing to me."

'Nachbo Ami Gaibe Tumi' is a project I thought of long ago. I know Srila for a long time. Long ago she was a winner in a dance competition where I was one of the judges. Then there was no contact for a long time. It started again through social media. Srila and her entire team did an admirable task. In this project, there will be songs by Iman Chakraborty, Jojo, Zubin Garg and many more. I wanted to begin the project with Sanu da", said Ashok Bhadra.

The choreographer of the project, Srila said, "This is my first project with the legend Kumar Sanu. It feels incredible. I can't thank Ashok Da enough for allowing me to engage with such a beautiful project."

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