55% Of Indians Considered Purchasing Smart Home Appliances: Voltas ‘Festive Spirit Survey’

Voltas Limited, the undisputed market leader for Room Air Conditioners in India, rolled out a nationwide poll to understand the shift in consumer behaviour this festive season triggered by the pandemic. The study revealed the changing preferences of the Indian consumers in the home appliance segment with comfort, convenience, cooling, health, and technology becoming the key priorities. Keeping customer-centricity at its heart, the survey was conducted from October 4 to October 27 using the brand’s - social media platforms.
Understanding and appreciating the importance of adopting health-centric and technologically advanced consumer durables, 82% of Indians said they believe that smart home appliances can save their time while preparing for festivities at home. In line with that belief, 55% of Indians said they considered purchasing smart home appliances this festive season to manage household chores with ease.   Optimizing the advanced tech features which these smart home appliances offer, 52% of the respondents said they use the auto cook technology in the microwave oven for quick meal preparations whereas 69% of Indians said they would prefer using a refrigerator that keeps the food fresh for up to 30 days. Since the lockdown began, dishwashers have also emerged as a popular new entrant in the consumer durables space and 67% of Indians said that dishwashers will help them ease their job and help save time in the kitchen.
The study also revealed that 31% of Indians - spent between 3-4 hours on average cooking delicacies and doing the dishes during the festive season, whereas 29% of respondents said they took more than 5 hours for the same tasks. When it came to festive priorities, 22% of Indians said they prioritized disinfecting the household this Diwali overcooking (19%), whereas 34% said they prioritized dusting the house and 26% said their priority was hosting friends & family. When it came to sharing responsibilities at home, it was found that 48% of Indians depended on their spouses to take care of household chores during the festive season, whereas 46% of Indians shared the responsibility of home chores equally among family members.
With festive celebrations taking centre stage and winter sets in, air purification has emerged as an important requirement for people living in cities. Our poll showed that 77% of Indians said they would like to upgrade their ACs with UVC technology, which will quickly clean the indoor air by killing pollutants, germs and pathogens, whereas 60% of Indians said they would consider using an Air Purifier to tackle indoor air pollution during Diwali.
Commenting on the survey findings, Pradeep Bakshi, MD & CEO, Voltas Limited said, “We noticed that Indians are burdened with myriad household responsibilities during festivities and we wanted to provide a technologically advanced solution that helps them spend more time making memories. The ‘Festive Spirit Survey’ was conducted to understand the shift in the priorities of our customers due to the pandemic.
Voltas and Voltas Beko range of appliances are proudly made in India and are best suited to meet the current requirements of our customers in the country. We encourage people to upgrade to health tech and advanced consumer appliances, that save time and energy that can be spent more fruitfully. Taking inspiration from this Festive Spirit Survey, we aim to continue developing high-quality, value-for-money products that add value and ease the lives of our consumers.”
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