Little Laureates Emerges As A Game-Changer During The Pandemic

Little Laureates is one of the leading preschools in India with an outstanding technology-driven educational strategy where offline and online learning goes simultaneously to assure the holistic growth of the kid. Kolkata based preschool chain Little Laureates has become one of the commanders in the sector and during the pandemic, they gave the preschool domain an incredible elevation.

Edupreneur Tamal Mukherjee silently and single-handedly transformed the preschool education system. During this pandemic when most of the preschool owners are battling for their existence, Mukherjee and his Little Laureates is not only flourishing themselves but also generating entrepreneurial scopes for others. In an exclusive interaction with UNI, Mukherjee said, "We have developed a B2B network. This pandemic affected preschool education to a significant extent. The market has been disrupted. Many school owners are suffering and struggling for existence is, to say the least. We through our online learning management system offering them to collaborate with us as our educational partner. We are not taking any franchise fees. We will provide teachers training and technology up-gradation free of cost. We will assist them by providing them with our educational platform and the pedagogy we have. And we will take just a minimal licensing fee. That's the way industry will revive I think".

At Little Laureates, preschoolers create and think along with the learning. Toddlers explore a new world of learning through an interactive knowledge platform. With the unique Little Laureates pedagogy, the more they spend their time on the platform, they got involved and that enriching their lives. The pedagogy itself makes a preschooler confident enough.

Mukherjee who also is School Education Council Chairman for Eastern India of ASSOCHAM, said, "We at Little Laureates have researched and developed a unique 'learning management system', which logically converted the virtual world into an interactive playmate for a toddler. CDC has supported us with funds to develop the entire system. With a huge collection of interactive games and videos, the platform emerges as a state of the art technology platform. Preschoolers can access the entire collection anytime they want. But we made it mandatory to join the live classes. The interface also has a segment to check the lesson plan for the entire session".

The games are another great initiative by Little Laureates. Preschoolers may turn more confident with every passing level of the games. LMS platform also has a segment and login option for parents portal for getting the feedback about the engagement of the student along with the parameters regarding their development. Parents can also get to know about their important notices and could interact with teachers personally and vice versa.

"Our online LMS facilitates preschoolers across the country and abroad to enrol themselves and enjoy our researched module and highly trained teachers", concluded Mukherjee, who is emerging as a game-changer for the preschool education scenario.

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